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Our 2nd Annual VAS Tailgate SocialTo celebrate a successful Spring Session and the last week of cheer before we head into our first mini summer break, we are opening up the back of the gym.  We will have ALL of the parking in back available for our 2nd Annual Tailgate Social for parents, family members and athletes as they finish up their last June practice.  The idea is to line up the cars, down the middle like we have in the past for showcase, it will give us all room, plus cars will still have plenty of space to drive by safely.Here’s how it works!This will happen on Wednesday and Thursday of next week: June 26th and 27th.  You can participate on the day your child attends practice!This is a similar idea to ‘trunk or treat’ where each family sets up a ‘station’ in the back of your car. The kids will go car to car collecting snacks and eating their way around our trunks.  *IDEA* – Share a trunk with another family or two!!As an alternative, you could set up a game at your car so if you have anything that might work, now would be a great time to drag it out! This is not meant to be a stressful or extravagant activity so do not feel like you are obligated to go all out on your decorations!Meanwhile, parents are ‘socializing’ and having a fun last day of June practice, too!  This helps you all to get to know the other families you will be spending so much time with next season, too!Ideas of what you could contribute:

Think 50 as minimal based on item…Juice Box, other type of drink or even just good ‘ol WaterAny snack:

  • granola bar, fruit snacks etc
  • Watermelon, strawberries or other easy fruit like Orange slices
  • Freezies or popsicles or other cold desserts
  • Anyone interested in bringing a bbq and doing hot dogs?
  • Chips or Popcorn bags
  • Candy bags*Note*

We do have a couple allergies in the group so please clearly mark if your items contain peanuts/treenuts so those kids can skip over yours. I know off the top of my head that we also have shellfish and kiwi allergies as well.  Let’s have fun with this but don’t stress too much!  The most important thing is that you just go to the back of the gym and meet and mingle with the best parents in the Cheer World ♥

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