Join a Team for the 2021-22 Season

Full Year Teams are all year around: June to June

For the 2021-22 Season, we are offering the following the Cheer Canada Age Grid:  LINK HERE

If you’re interested in being on a Vancouver All Star 2021-22 Team, please fill out THIS FORM to let us know.  We will get back to you.

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Level 1: Tiny, Mini, Youth and Junior

Level 1.5: Youth and Junior

Level 2: IASF Junior and USASF Senior

Level 2.2 Prep: Junior (June to March)

Level 3: IASF Junior

Level 4: IASF Junior

Level 4.2: Senior

Level 5: Senior

Level 6: IO6 & IO6 NT

Level 7: IO7 & IO7 Coed NT

Tryouts for these teams are in mid may of every year. If you missed assessments and would like to be considered, please email and request a private assessment.