Port Coquitlam

Vancouver All Stars is committed to excellence. We strive to teach our cheer athletes valuable life skills through cheer. We aim to build self-confidence, character and a good work ethic. We value effort, diligence, teamwork and good sportsmanship. VAS is a community of positive leaders fueled by passion, pride and spirit.

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Seeing is believing and at Vancouver All Stars we want to encourage you to do a Gym visit so that you can experience our amazing gym culture and environment which we believe is second to none.  Rather than tell you about our awesome coaching staff and our very organized classes and practices with fun and exciting curriculum and instruction and an undeniable energy that surrounds you, we would prefer for you to come and see it for yourself.

In our gym, we promote kindness, acceptance and inclusiveness.  We are goal setters constantly striving towards excellence.  We celebrate our growth and achievements with the understanding that some of our best learning comes from adversity and mistakes.  In our gym, we take safety seriously and we value progressions and fundamentals.  Our gym is a second home; a place that we feel safe and supported and we know that we are a part of a bigger family.  We communicate effectively and are respectful to each other.  We are positive role models that learn to juggle our busy lives; being busy is never an excuse.  We work hard and are committed to being the best versions of ourselves holding ourselves accountable and developing life skills.  In our gym, we instill important core values that help prepare us for the real world and we create memories that are lifelong.  In our gym, we love.

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