Fall 2023-24 Ninja & Tumble Classes

Our Ninja classes combine aspects of gymnastics, parkour, stunt and martial arts to create an action-packed experience that provides students with the opportunity to develop both physical and social abilities. Safety is paramount, with students being exposed to a variety of falling techniques which can be used in real life situations. Alongside traditional gymnastics and parkour skills, students will have a ton of fun learning.

We will be offering 7 different weekly classes starting Sat, Sept 9th.  These classes go until Thurs, June 22nd.  We ask for a minimum 3-month commitment and require a 1-month notification for early termination.

LINK HERE to register for any of these classes if you’re new to the gym.  If you’re a member, login to your portal.

*There is a $15 Annual Membershp & Insurance Fee that is charged at the time of registration.