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Covid Protocols in Place – July & August

Due to Covid, we have some new practices in place as we head back to the gym. Please review our new practices carefully before arriving at the gym:

  • Firstly, if you or someone in your household has COVID-19- Fever- Chills- Cough- Shortness of Breath- Sore throat- Painful Swallowing- Traveled outside of Canada (in the last 14 days) we ask that you not come to the gym.
  • If you are feeling well, please arrive at the gym with your cheer shoes already on and a water bottle.  You will not be permitted to bring any other belongings inside as we are not using cubbies/lockers at this time.
  • Ice Crystals will enter the gym using the front door but you will exit from the back bay doors. 
  • When you arrive, if you see someone please ensure you follow the 6 feet apart ‘rule of thumb’ and stay socially distanced from them as you enter the building.  Your Coach will take you to your floor for the day.
  • You will be excited to see people and naturally you may want to hug.  You may not.  You will need to use non-contact greetings and communication throughout your private instruction.
  • The fountains and vending machines will not be operating.  The front desk will also not be staffed.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the gym at this time.
  • We ask that you go to the washroom prior to leaving for the gym.  In the case that you must use a bathroom, there will be ONE bathroom available for all of your Coaches privates for the entire day.  Your Coach will let you know which bathroom you are allowed to use and explain the procedure which requires you to write your name on the white board on the bathroom door.
  • Please wash your hands before arriving at the gym. We will also have disinfectant available for your usage.  We want to continue to practice the washing of hands, avoiding touching our faces and covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Coaches and athletes are being given the option to wear masks. They are not being mandated by our governing body.  We ask that if you choose to wear one, that it be secure throughout your training.
  • During Covid, the gym will be disinfected between Team Practices.
  • The gym has completed the WorkSafeBC BC Safety Plan which is available in a binder at the gym and can be sent via email to any parent wanting to take a look at this 9 page document.  Please simply request it via email.
  • Coaches will not be able to make any contact with you so please understand that no hands on spotting will occur during your tumbling private.


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