To provide additional development and training for athletes exuding a keen apt and ability for All Star Cheer & Tumbling. To develop these athletes as the future VAS Elite and International/Worlds Teams. The program will focus on building core strength, power & increasing overall fitness for tumbling progression and developing our athletes safely. This program will track progress weekly and will evaluate fitness and athletes’ deficiencies in the sport of Cheer. These will be the areas that the athlete gets extra training in to make them more well rounded and prepared for higher levels of Cheer.
*NOTE* Athletes must have an assessment before being accepted into the class. Typically, their first class is their “assessment”.



  • Cheer athletes aged 7 and older (*NOTE* Very few 7 year olds are accepted into TOPS simply due to developmental readiness)
  • Athletes that are showing steady improvement & stand out amongst their same aged peers.
  • Athletes that are coachable & make corrections and changes when provided with instructional feedback.
  • Athletes that want MORE – are asking to do more and would be at the gym more, if they could
  • Athletes that talk in terms of “I want to Travel to competitions”… “I want to be on a Worlds Team” “I want to make Team Canada one Day”
  • Athletes that have the natural physical disposition and show natural potential and if given additional attention & opportunity, will develop with better technique and a stronger mind and body.




Vancouver All Stars Coaching Staff lead this program.  Coach Cheyenne is the Director for Friday TOPs and Coach Stephanie is the Director for Mondays.


TOPS Schedule & Fees          

Mondays 4-6:00pm     $80 /month      $130 non VAS Team Athlete  13-18 Yrs old ~ Level 3+

Fridays 4-6:30pm     $90 /month      $140 non VAS Team Athlete   7*-14 Yrs old ~ All Levels

Approx 60-75min will be used for warm up, conditioning, core strength building, flexibility & strengthening using the TOPS program created for US National bound gymnasts. An additional 60-75min of Tumbling and Jumps & Performance training. The focus is on each athlete’s deficiency area.  A MIN # of spots are available for this TOPS Opportunity.


Presently there is a wait list. *NOTE* There is no parent viewing with the TOPs program.  Parents are allowed to watch the last 15min of classes and the Director provides “viewing classes” once a month with a heads up email to let you know when the next one will be.

Before registering, please take a look at the  TOPS Contract 2023-24 to ensure your child would be a good fit for the objectives of this program.