Neufeld Farms SPRING Fundraiser: Active 

Delivery will be just in time for Easter! Orders due Wednesday March 10th by 6pm. Please send a picture or document of tallied summary order form with legible contact information and e-transfer to Due to COVID-19, NO paper copies or cash/ cheques will be accepted. Delivery will be Monday March 29th at 7:30pm in the back lot if you’re in PoCo and for Tsawwassen families, we will mail you directly with your pick up time and location for goal: Tues Mar 30th. Detailed pick up instructions will be sent, with delivery reminder.  Any questions/concerns contact Lisa at above email address. Thank you♥

Attachment:Neufeld VAS Cheer -chicken Mar 10
Attachment: Neufeld VAS Cheer -dessert Mar 10

Growing Smiles Plant/Veggie Garden Fundraiser – Active 

Order Deadline            Wednesday April 21
Pick up Date                Saturday May 8    11 – 1 PoCo gym   – day before Mother’s Day 
Please LINK HERE for pricing and order form.  If you can make sure the athletes name and team is recorded on each form so the profits are put into the correct account. Profits/Costs listed below.   Any further questions please email – Danielle ♥

Calendar Fundraiser!  Completed for 2021

Current Fundraisers* UPDATED 

Purdys Fundraiser > Purdys Ordering Instructions
Get a head start on your Christmas shopping🎄
Orders dueFri Nov 20th for both locations
Pick up: Tues, Dec 1st for PoCo and Thurs, Dec 3rd for South
How it works: Click HERE

Contact Danielle Gibson at

1. Join our group by clicking or typing in this link:
2. Enter your email in the box indicated, if you have registered before you will be automatically joined to the campaign, if not you will be prompted to register and then be joined.
3. Click “Shop Online” to start shopping! BC Taxes will be added to the prices during checkout.
4. You can also invite friends and family to help! After logging in, simply use the send invite function on the webpage. Just click on the “SEND INVITES” tab, type their email address and send.


Gift Card Fundraiser

First Deadline:  Nov 5th   Receive Cards:  Approx Nov 15th
Second Deadline:  Dec 1st  Receive Cards: Approx Dec 10th (or earlier)

  • How it works – Order gift cards using the order form listed below. You will receive a kick back based on the amount you purchase. (EXAMPLE: Suzy buys $100 from Starbucks. Starbucks has a kickback of 10%. $10 is given to Suzy in her fundraising account. )

We have gift cards for Department stores, grocery shopping, eating out and buying  gas. If you are going to purchase these ANYWAYS then why not get a 2-20% KICK BACK for it all and put money away for all your cheer fees.  This will go directly into YOUR own Travel/fundraising account. 
See the Form and be aware of the deadlines we are using: ****Please hand in one form per athlete!!

*****Gift Card Fundraiser Order Form 

*NOTE* Effective November 2nd until December 18th, we have the following seasonal specials; Save-On-Foods is increasing their rebate from 4% to 5%, Shell is increasing their rebate from 2% to 3%, Brown’s Social House is increasing their rebate from 5% to 8%, The Old Spaghetti Factory is giving a bonus $10 card with all their $25 cards sold.  The $10 bonus OSF card only be used between January 2 and March 15, 2021 and only one bonus $10 card per table per sitting.  Sammy J’s is loading their $50 card with $55 which is a 10% increase for your supporters. 


The following are permanent changes, The Ultimate Dining Card has moved from 3% to 5%.  We now have added Metro $250 cards and T & T Supermarket $100 cards. 


In BC ONLY, we have added Pizza Pizza $25 cards, and we now have $25, $50 and $100 cards for Chevron, while Fresh Slice Pizza is now 5%.  Remember, we have the following THREE reloadable card programs which means families just load money on a shopping card at their local store, with their favourite credit card (earning points and rewards), and we send your group a cheque every three months.  IGA has 24 locations throughout BC, Fairway Market has 10 locations on Vancouver Island, and Fresh Street Market has 6 locations including new stores in Yaletown and Kamloops.  This program is so simple for your coordinators; you just hand out cards and then just receive cheques.  This works well for groups, including those that only do large traditional orders with us at Christmas time. This way you can continue to earn funds 12 months of the year with minimal to no volunteer hours after the cards are distributed. 


Neufeld Fundraising! NEW: SPREAD THE NEWS!! Our dessert order form now includes NEW Pies and Turnovers! The crusts are flaky & buttery and will leave you wishing you ordered more! Yes… they are that good!  Also, we have finally been able to source a GLUTEN FREE BREADED CHICKEN FINGER!
Neufeld Farms Fundraiser. Delivery will be just in time for Thanksgiving! Orders due Monday September 28th by 6pm. Please send a picture or document of order form with legible contact information and e-transfer to Due to COVID-19, NO paper copies or cash/ cheques will be accepted. Delivery will be Thursday October 8th at 7pm in back lot. Detailed pick up instructions will be sent with delivery reminder.   Any questions or concerns contact Lisa at
Profit varies per item but typically 20%
Print forms by using these links:
Attachment: VAS Neufled Order Fall-chicken
Attachment: VAS Neufled Order Fall-desert
Any questions email Lisa at


Calendar Fundraiser!

Our 2020-21 Gym Calendar is being made and we are now waiting for the SPONSORS to go into them!  Please bring all of the sponsors you have acquired to the gym.  We need money and LOGOS for the companies wishing to go into the Calendar!

Download the Calendar Fundraiser Explained   and Calendar Ad Space Request Form


Scratch & Give Cards:
This is a Scratch & Give Card.  You ask friends/family/acquaintances to sponsor and support you by scratching one, or more of the ovals that have a hidden amount (like a lottery scratch card), an amount is revealed and that is the amount that they pay you.  What you need to know:
  • The smallest amount is $2 and the highest is $10.  People that scratch only $2 or a lower amount will typically scratch a 2nd spot.
  • Once all the ovals have been scratched, you will have earned $200 per card
  • The cost of the card is $8
  • You can either bring profit money to the front desk and ask for it to be deposited into your fundraising account or you can keep the profits and apply them to upcoming costs/credit card charges by the gym all on your own.


Chocolate Bars – This fundraiser is OVER

NEW Shipment of Chocolate Bars have arrived!!   You will be able to pay $60 for a box. Each box contains 30 bars sold at $2 each. You automatically get $30 profit for every box you leave with.  Some athletes stand at local grocery stores/Canadian Tire/liquor stores where they live and sell 3-4 boxes a weekend.  This makes you $90-$120 in that weekend!  *updated Aug 10th 2018