Current Fundraisers* UPDATED 

Neufeld Fundraising! NEW: SPREAD THE NEWS!! Our dessert order form now includes NEW Pies and Turnovers! The crusts are flaky & buttery and will leave you wishing you ordered more! Yes… they are that good!  Also, we have finally been able to source a GLUTEN FREE BREADED CHICKEN FINGER!
Next Neufeld is in November:  Orders due to gym ______ as stated on forms.
Profit varies per item but typically 20%
Orders due Thursday June 13 by 7pm. ONLY cheques or e-transfers will be accepted. NO CASH! Please make cheques payable to “Lisa Andronyk” or etransfer to tuffytwoyou@gmail. Delivery will be Thursday June 20th at 6:30pm at the back lot. Sorry for the inconvenience, but as this has an extremely short turn to allow you to earn some extra profit to help with the upcoming fees, no printed forms will be at front desk. If this is a problem for anyone or any other questions/ concerns contact Lisa.
Print forms by using these links:
Attachment:Neufeld Order Form -chicken-1
Attachment: Neufeld Order Form-dessert-1
Any questions email Lisa at


Chocolate Bars

NEW Shipment of Chocolate Bars have arrived!!   You will be able to pay $60 for a box. Each box contains 30 bars sold at $2 each. You automatically get $30 profit for every box you leave with.  Some athletes stand at local grocery stores/Canadian Tire/liquor stores where they live and sell 3-4 boxes a weekend.  This makes you $90-$120 in that weekend!  *updated Aug 10th 2018



Poinsettia Fundraiser – Info for 2018…


Orders Due:

November 08, 2018 by 8:00pm to Front desk VAS Poco

Delivery Date:

November 23, 2018 Pick-up Noon-8:00pm

Pick-up Address:

11546 197A Street, Pitt Meadows


email or call 604.218.1834

Payment Options:

Cheque made out to “Worlds Cheer Association”

contact Kaatje to arrange payment via eTransfer



Profit to Athlete for each item sold

Poinsettias          $7.66

Holiday Planter    $7.82

Wreath                $7.82


Gift Card Fundraiser Order for Christmas will be collected on the 10th

  • How it works – Order gift cards using the order form listed below. You will receive a kick back based on the amount you purchase. (EXAMPLE: Suzy buys $100 from Starbucks. Starbucks has a kickback of 10%. $10 is given to Suzy in her travel account. )

We have gift cards for Department stores, grocery shopping, eating out and buying  gas. If you are going to purchase these ANYWAYS then why not get a 2-20% KICK BACK for it all and put money away for competition fees and travel? This will go directly into YOUR own Travel/fundraising account.  See the Form and be aware of the deadlines we are using: ****Please hand in one form per athlete!!

*****Christmas Gift Card Fundraising Order Form




 Calendar Fundraiser!

Our 2018-19 Gym Calendar is being made and we are now waiting for the SPONSORS to go into them!  Please bring all of the sponsors you have acquired to the gym.  We need money and LOGOS for the companies wishing to go into the Calendar!

Download the 2019 Calendar Ad Space Request Form    and CALENDAR FUNDRAISER EXPLAINED


Purdys Fundraiser > 2018 Info coming soon
Get a head start on your Christmas shopping🎄
Orders due
Pick up
How it works:
Provide your athletes name, team and practice days.
You will receive a Team number and your own unique link to give to family and friends. This link will be for your athlete only so please ensure you only use the link given to you. Otherwise your athlete may not receive their profits as this is the only way to track who sold what. Brochures will be provided next week.