Welcome to the Vancouver All Stars. We are so excited for the 2021-21 Season in our new 6000 sq ft state of the art Training Center. VAS is excited to offer both Novice & All Star Prep Divisions at our Club and South Location.

The members of our Half Year Teams continue to train and learn at G Force Gym in our optional Summer Session Classes.

Fall 2021 Start teams:

Every September, our Half Year Teams start back up. This is a great way to get introduced to Cheer.












To take a look at our 2021-22, South Half Year Teams ~ Sept 2021 Start

These teams will focus on movement, picking up choreography and dance and basic gymnastics skills like forward rolls and cartwheels which will be incorporated into their routines.

The Novice Divisions are also known as “Performance Divisions” and the focus is on performing as the athletes are not allowed to do lifts/stunts. The routine is shorter and only allowed to be a maximum of 1.5 minutes. It is meant to be a great introduction to the sport of All Star Cheer & Tumbling for the youngest of athletes.

Tiny Novice Teams start in September and end in March, before Spring Break.

Tiny Novice Team: Teams are formed using like-ages.  Athletes learn routines to cheer music and the routines are 1.5 min in length. They compete their routines at 3 local events (Showcase at the gym and 2 competitions).  Athletes wear cute cheerleading uniforms. There is no stunting/lifting at the Tiny Age Level.  Only cartwheels and forward rolls are permitted.  All Novice Teams practice for 1 hour, 1 time per Week. 

Tiny Novice Teams Sept 2021-March 2022  for U6 year olds. (Novice Team)
a few different Days/Times available as options.
*Tiny Tornadoes is Thursdays 5-6pm
Start in Sept & end in March
*3 Performance/Competition opportunities
*$64 / month + Uniform $115 with Hair Bow as seen below is required
*Competition Fees are extra

LINK HERE to register for a team (*NEW to the gym)  *Members use your portals

U8 & U12 All Star Prep Teams *Start in Sept 2021 & end in March 2022:
Routines involve faster choreography, some stunting and more difficult tumbling skills.  Routines are 2min in length.
There are both 60min options and 90min options for Whirlwind (Thurs 5-6:30pm *Exp athletes)
Starts in Sept & ends in March
*Performance & Competition opportunity
*$64 (60min) $84 for 90 min option which includes 30min of tumbling /month + Uniform is required

LINK HERE to register for a team (*NEW to the gym)  *Members use your portals





















LINK HERE to register for this team

Athletes on Half Year Teams receive the special tumbling rate of $40-$45 monthly for an additional 45-60min tumbling class per week (25% off regular pricing).