Private Tumbling is the best means to getting results fast.  Parents are extremely happy with the fast progression under this personal training method. Private tumbling lessons may be set up for any time during the week and is simply based on availability of the instructor requested.

A Private Class will use 30 or 45 minutes to work towards your cheerleading tumbling skills and this can include strength training, conditioning and stretching. Classes will be geared to the individual cheerleader’s needs. Private Coaches will also provide athletes with weekly workout regimes to ensure continued core strength improvement. A portion of every class can be used to work on jumps, flexibility, dance/cheer skills; simply, make that request with your instructor of choice.

Athletes should show up 15 minutes prior to their scheduled private to begin stretching and warming up so that they utilize all 45 minutes of valuable instruction time with their Coach. Classes can also be structured so that a variety of cheer elements are taught and emphasized within the class. As athlete progresses, class will be modified to athlete’s needs.


Level 2 Instructors: Coaches with 6 or more years of Tumbling Coaching Experience.  $45 +GST per 45 minutes or $40 +GST for 30 minutes.. Are there 2 of you? save $5 each. Max of 3 students in a 45 minute private permitted.  Only 2 people permitted in a 30 min private. Guest Private Instructors cost $5 per 45min more due to travel expenses.

Level 1 Instructors: Coaches with 5 or fewer years of Private Tumbling Coaching Experience.
$40 +GST per 45 minutes. Are there 2 of you? $40 +GST each per 45 minutes (split between the 2 of you). Are there 3 of you? $35 per 45 minutes.

  • Level 2 Coaches have invested much more time and finances into their training and carry 6 or more years of gymnastics and tumbling coaching experience.
  • All L2 gymnastics coaches have their Level 4 or higher Cheer Canada / IASF Tumbling Credentialing and/or Level 1 &/or Level 2 NCCP
  • Prices are in effect beginning Sept 1st 2021



Privates fill up quickly so, send in your requests immediately to secure yourself a Coach.

Do you have an instructor of choice in mind?
E-mail them directly to check about availability or e-mail the gym at

Coach Katlyn –    Level 2

Coach Priscilla –   Level 2

Coach Liz –    Level 2

Coach Jenna –    Level 1

Coach Maya –    Level 1

Coach Elle  –    Level 1

Coach Sadie –   Level 1


Privates for stunting, flexibility and Dance are also available upon request. Fees are the same/based on time.

Arrangements for privates can be made by emailing the Coaches directly.  You can also email the gym at to assist you.