We offer different types of Cheer Teams for all levels of commitment. Take a look at the varying levels of team types and see which one fits the needs of your family and budget best.

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***NEW TO VAS SOUTH for 2019-2020***



Team Rainbow is our exciting special abilities team which focuses on making cheerleading an accessible sport for all members of our community, even those faced with challenges.

No matter what level an athlete may be at, on this team they will enjoy practices filled with fun and the feeling of achievement as they improve in their cheerleading.

Weekly practice in Fall 2019:      Wednesdays from 7:30- 8:30 pm (South Location)


$45.00+ tax Annual Membership & Insurance Fee

$40+tax monthly tuition X  8 months: Sept 1st to April 1st

fees include a uniform and competition fees

Team Tshirt sponsored by Total Spirit Cheerleading


Recreational Cheer

This is the perfect option for anyone wanting to learn cheer on the recreational level. Learning about the sport, building up their fundamental skills and confidence before committing to a team.

  • Learn stunts, dance, tumbling & jumps
  • Four sessions:
    • Summer Session: July-August
    • Fall Session: September – December
    • Winter Session: January – March
    • Spring Session: April to June
  • Ages Options Available: Tiny (3-6 ) | Youth/Jr. (5-14) | Senior (11-18)
  • Practice 1 hour Once a week
  • No performances


Elite Competitive Cheer

Our most elite option of training for our truly competitive athletes. All practices and travel are mandatory. Assessments required to join this tier. Full year commitment required.

  • Season: Year Long June- June
  • All Ages & Levels offered
  • Master Tumbling, Stunts, Dance & Jumps in a Routine, in a team environment
  • Practice 3.5 – 4.5 hours per week
  • Routine is under 2:30 minutes
  • 2 Showcases,  5 local Competitions, 1 destination Competition


Register online using below link for any upcoming classes.

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