The Talent Opportunity Program


What is the TOP program?

The Talent Opportunity Program (TOP) is for athletes that are looking to excel beyond the level of their current team. It’s geared towards Elite athletes and parents looking to work hard and become the next generation of Elite Cheerleading athletes.

Why is this different from regular classes?

TOP classes are much more involved than just learning the mechanics of performing new skills. We look to develop all aspects of the athlete. The classes will involve personalized training programs to help athletes develop strength, mobility and flexibility in areas that will benefit them in cheerleading stunts, tumbling and jumps.

In addition, athletes will focus on the mental side of the sport – Goal setting and dealing with the stress and demands of being a top athlete. They will focus on leadership skills that will help them bring out the best in themselves and their teammates.

Parent involvement

Training doesn’t only happen during the practice time but TOP athletes are expected to have a holistic approach to training and make sure they are training inside and outside of the gym. Parents are asked to work with their athlete to incorporate TOP training into your athletes “chore” schedule or daily activities to make sure training is happening as a part of your athlete’s lifestyle routine. The largest factor that parents can control is nutrition. Making smart nutrition choices to fuel your athlete’s body will be a key component to your athlete’s success especially with the added training.

New Tool for TOP athletes: Cheer District

The Cheer District app offers at home workouts geared towards the cheer athlete. Their goal is to help athletes avoid injury and maintain their longevity in the sport. The app provides cheer-specific workouts athletes, as well as tools for coaches and a social network for industry- related news.

Athletes and parents will use the app to track at-home workouts outside of practice, as well as track level-appropriate skills attained throughout the year.

Registration Deadline: July 8th, 2019

Classes Start July 15th, 2019

Class Time: Mondays 6:00 – 8:30 pm


TOP tuition fee: Monthly – $90 + tax

Cheer District annual subscription: $60 + tax for 1-year subscription to training programs

Annual Registration Fee (for athletes not on a competitive team): $85 + tax

Click here to register: Talent Opportunity Program registration