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The Vancouver All Stars Volunteer Selection Process

If you are interested in being a Team Coach Volunteer for 2018-19…

We take great pride in our Volunteer Coach Program. This program follows our gym philosophy in training athletes to be more than just cheer athletes. Once selected, our head coaches will mentor these athletes for the entire year. They will learn skills and a work ethic that will help them be successful into adulthood as they enter the workforce. Due to the added exposure and time we are investing into these individuals we will be very selective during the application process. The athletes will need to prove that they are serious in regards to their commitment level and the effort they will invest into the program prior to being selected. We also expect this effort to be ongoing and continuous. Volunteer Coaches who start off excited and committed and then change will be released of all duties and not invited back as a Volunteer or Coach in the future.

VOLUNTEER COACHES APPLICATION Form HERE    and fill out and bring to the office.


G Force Gym offers financial assistance in the form of a Scholarship Program set up.  The emphasis is on “giving back to the gym” and G Force Gym carries the following Scholarship opportunities yearly:

  • A maximum of 2 full Ride 100% Tuition Scholarships
  • A maximum of 2, 75% Tuition Scholarships
  • A maximum of 4, 50% Tuition Scholarships
  • A maximum of 4, 25% Tuition Scholarships

*NOTE* – Ability and Level of athlete does NOT play a part in the selection process; we want to provide help for those that have a PASSION FOR CHEER and without assistance would not be able to follow their passion.  That is the KEY to the scholarship application; NOT ability!!

This year alone, G Force Gym is providing 8 separate scholarships for VAS Athletes.

Scholarship Application 2018-19

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