Vancouver All Star Cheer


Q: My daughter really wants to do Cheer. How does she get started?
A: The best way to get introduced to cheerleading is to put your child in our Half Year Teams or our Jan to Mar or Spring Session or one of our All-in-One Classes. This way, you will know that your child is enjoying the sport and will not change her mind after expenses and commitments have already been made.

Q: Can I join a Team even though I have no previous “cheer” experience?
A: We allow people with no experience onto our Tiny, Mini, and  Level 1 teams, however, most of the kids joining teams now have experience in at least Half Year Cheer, a summer cheer camp, one of our Recreational 10 Week Sessions or from our All in One Classes.

Q: I really want to Cheer for Vancouver All Stars but I don’t think I’m good enough. Could I still make a team?
A: Vancouver All Stars is the oldest and most established program in BC. Our reputation for being absolutely amazing and ‘world calibre’ did not happen by accident. Our reputation for excellence is due to the excellent coaching and training that we provide. If YOU have the dedication and commitment and are willing to work hard, we will make a spot for you on one our teams. You will have the same opportunity and access to a great facility and fantastic coaches as everyone training here before you. This will allow YOU to develop your skills and move ahead in Cheer.

Q: If I don’t tumble can I still be on a VAS Team?
A: Believe it or not, most (85%) of our cheer athletes started with us before they could tumble. They worked hard, took lessons, applied themselves and got their tumbling skills. All the while, they contributed as full time members on VAS Teams, learned a ton and had so much fun. We all have to start somewhere!!

Q: Is Cheerleading a SAFE SPORT / Activity?
A: We track all of our injuries at the gym and we now have 3 years of data that indicates that Cheerleading is VERY SAFE. In fact, under the care of instructors, injuries are minimal when you consider that 400 kids train on average, twice weekly.  It is important to point out that higher level teams put more stress on the body and provide greater opportunity for injuries but Level 1 and 2 teams have few recorded injuries, annually. The most common cheerleading injuries are: sprained ankles, bumps, bruises and fingers.

  • At G Force Gym, The Staff get monitary BONUSES if they meet their safety goal.  That’s right… they get PAID to keep YOUR kids safe.  We don’t want injuries at our gym because if kids get injured, STAFF don’t make their Bonuses!!  We are the ONLY Cheer Gym that does this.  Why?  Because nothing is more important at G Force Gym than keeping your kids SAFE and our teams injury-free.
  • Unfortunately, the Media tends to highlight cheerleading in a negative light… Aren’t we suppose to just be doing the splits and shaking pom poms?  This stereotype and ignorance towards the athletic aspect of our sport throws the general public off.  The opportunity to sensationalize and profit from story-selling DOES allow for stories to find their way onto TV shows and magazines.  This is why media picks up ‘Cheerleader gets Injured Stories’ but NOT football player or Soccer player or Gymnast gets Injured stories.  Those just wouldn’t sell… would they?  We already know that those athletes get injured all the time… but cheerleaders?  Aren’t they just ‘fluff’?
  • The TRUTH is… All STAR CHEERLEADING is very different from High School Cheerleading.  High School Cheerleading traditionally focuses on supporting and cheering on other sports teams in the school with the opportunity to further endeavor in team competition for the schools that choose to.  High School Cheerleading CHEERS using words and cheering aids meant to get responses from the crowd.  All Star cheerleading exists solely to compete against other Cheer teams.  We do not use our voice, pom poms, signs or work crowd response into our routines. Our goal is to get a crowd response from a fantastic 2.5min fast paced routine done to ALL music.


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